Yudo WICON 700 Controller

High performance multi-axis motion controller



  • 7inch TFT Touch Screen (800*480)
  • Multi-national language support : Basically supporting five languages (Responding to all languages in the world as an option)

User Friendly

  • Easy user programming with 12 command sets
  • Users can create their own motions
  • Easy program change and download USB memory
  • Users abroad are able to deal with problems easily
  • Alarm history, operation history

Safety features

  • Emergency stop to avoid collision during robot’s operation
  • Mold protection by collision detection function
  • Avoid interferential space by selling work limited area
  • Anti-vibration control algorithm installed
  • Minimize vibration by controlling telescopic part of the robot automatically


  • Servo sleep function during stand by
  • Energy-saving effect
  • Power consumption display – daily & monthly
  • Grease injection timing and regular checklist notification function
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