Yudo GIGA Series Take Out Robots

High speed and precision take-out robot (Movable X-axis)

High speed take-out cycle time (Speed up Max. 40%)
■ Slim BRIDGE structure
■ Safety and Energy-saving function
– Working area/Work limited area setting, Servo sleep, Power consumption display
■ User-friendly functions
– Send an alarm, Maintenance information, Robot monitoring, History management
■ AC servo (all axes)
■ Anti-vibration control (Vibration reduction Max. 15 times)
※ A comparison with YUDO’s existing robot in its class

Main functions

Mold protection function
Sudden stop of servo motor by detecting the conflict in a moment because of handling and setting error → mold and robot damage minimization
Energy-saving function
Servo sleep function that works in standby status → energy-saving effect
Alarm transmission function
Transmission of alarm content to the manager when the alarm occurs (smart device response)
Damping control function
Vibration reduction Max. 15 tines

General specification


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