Tria Series 60 Granulators

VERSION XT granulators designed for the granulation of extruded material, whether flexible or rigid. Also used as a secondary size reduction for pre-shredded material. VERSION TR granulators equipped with traction roll systems for the in-line and off-line grinding of film, sheets and thermoform production waste. VERSION BM granulators designed specifically for the blow molding industry for the granulation of runners, blow molding rejects, in-line preforms at high temperatures and similar items.

  • Granulators dedicated to injection moulding
  • Standard grinding chamber in anti wear steel
  • Surface hardness 750 Vickers
  • Rotary discs at rotor side, scissor cutting configuration
  • Constant knives rotation
  • Screen with surface equal to 50 % of knives rotation
  • Opening without tools
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