Tria Series 30 Granulators

Extrusion granulators dedicated to scraps recovery from rigid or flexible extrusion for small sprues or heavy moulds, also suitable for second step grinding of pre-crushed pieces.The granulator of this series, thanks to the special design of the cutting chamber, are also widely used for an immediate and safe in-line grinding of film and trims. The rotary discs integral with the rotor avoid film winding; high efficiency screen allows a quick evacuation of the ground material. They are part of a complete systems, from aspiration to regrind material recycle, designed by TRIA.

  • Granulators dedicated to in-line and off-line grinding of extruded pieces and relevant scraps
  • Grinding chamber with traditional  inclined cut to allow the intake of heavy and trimmed scraps
  • Standard grinding chamber in anti wear steel up to 37 kW , surface hardness 750 Vickers
  • Rotary discs at rotor side
  • 3 knives rotor with scissors-cutting configuration
  • 5 knives rotor with arrow-cutting configuration
  • Constant knives rotation
  • Screen with surface equal to 50 % of knives rotation
  • Opening without tools
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