Super Blue® Extruders

The high-performance, cost-competitive Super Blue® extruder model is engineered for custom profile and tubing applications as well as fiber, sheet, and basic wire and cable processes. Advantages of this design include double reduction gearboxes with helical carburized gears, an integral high capacity thrust bearing, cast iron feed section, bimetallic barrel and heated clamp arrangement, DSBM-T™ barrier mixing feedscrew and integrated control cabinet.


  • Rugged design that is easy to maintain and energy efficient
  • Increased torque capacity to handle high viscosity resins
  • Supported by a three-year warranty and variety of DSB® barrier screw designs.
  • 24:1 and 30:1 models are available in 2-inch (50mm), 2 ½-inch (63mm), 75mm, 3 ½-inch (90mm), 100mm, and 4 ½-inch (114mm) sizes
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