Maguire ULTRA Dryers

The first ULTRA Low Energy Dryer for plastics.

Ultra-low kW energy usage – fast ROI and savings for a lifetime.

  • Drying costs so low, it’s almost free
  • Energy efficient unique vacuum drying technology
  • Faster drying, faster start-ups, minimal maintenance

ULTRA Low Energy Usage - How

ULTRA Energy - Efficiency Comparison

  • kW energy to HEAT raw material from ambient to required drying temperature is the same for all drying processes.
  • kW energy to DRY raw material is where the difference occurs, comparing ULTRA dryers to all Desiccant dryers.

ULTRA Low Energy - Operating Cost Savings

  • A process running at 220lb/h (100kg/h) can typically see a kW difference of 41 Watts/lb (92 Watts/kg) with ULTRA dryers versus generic desiccant dryer.
  • This saves $6,500 annually at an example rate of 220lb/h (100kg/h) - whilst doing the exact same job.
  • ULTRA delivers savings year on year for its full life cycle.

ULTRA Low Energy - Dynamic Software

  • Temperature Sense Control – temperature is controlled efficiently with energy saver as standard.
  • Heater and air flow are automatically regulated to ensure only the required amount of heat and air flow are used to bring material up to temperature.

ULTRA Quick Drying

  • ULTRA dryers place materials under vacuum to dry rapidly, versus long exposure to desiccant hot dry air flow.
  • Normally, ULTRA dries material 6 times faster than conventional desiccant dryers.
  • ULTRA fast drying time provides quicker start-ups.

ULTRA Low Energy Components

  • No regeneration process, no added energy used.
  • ULTRA uses only one smaller blower and heater sized for smaller volumes and faster drying times.
  • Compact heating hopper – less material in process, less energy used, easier cleaning.
  • Minimal maintenance – no scheduled maintenance requirements and no consumables.

ULTRA Live Throughput Monitoring

  • Load cells monitor the vacuum chamber and retention hopper and provide live materials usage data.
  • Data allows the drying rate to efficiently follow and adjust according to the dryer consumption rate.
  • ULTRA live data makes for ULTRA efficient drying.

ULTRA Fast Return on Investment 

  • ULTRA dryers quickly pay-back in the short term and continue to provide energy reduction cost savings in the long term.
  • Energy usage - one Desiccant day = one ULTRA week.
  • Indirect benefits - increased productivity, reduced start-up scrap rates and reduced energy usage for the same time period.
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