Maguire MLS Loading System

Efficient and simple design

The Maguire Loading System provides all the benefits of a mini-central system with the added convenience of being compact, easy to reposition and low maintenance.

Full view of the material loading

Direct view of material loading makes it easy for the operators to  monitor operation and adjust set conveying times.

Reduction of clogging

Clogging is reduced with a patented deceleration chamber that facilitates separation of material from the air stream and a fast-action slide-gate that prevents pellet entrapment during material discharge.

Easy access for cleanout

The top cover of the receiver includes the vacuum valve, material
inlet and cleanout port.

The MLS Maguire Loading System controller

Two types of control – a basic 8 receiver control or the advanced FlexBus control which is expandable to 5 vacuum groups and 48 receivers per pump.

Easy setting of fill time

Simplifying conveying setup, the push-button activation of the ‘Autofill’ software sets the fill-time for each receiver.

Automated loading

The controller sequences through the various receivers, loading each as either First-In-First-Out or priority loading, depending on your requirements.

Load conveying alarms

A load-failure alarm with reset is incorporated in the controller.

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