Maguire MGF Gravimetric Feeders

Robust hardware, integrated with industry-leading software control to achieve repeatable consistent dosing accuracy.

  • Unique twin load cell technology
  • Dosing accuracy ± 0.2% on 1% setting
  • Feeder ideal for all molding and extrusion processes

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Gravimetric Accuracy

Return on Investment 

  • MGF software and hardware reduce waste of colorants and additives drastically.
  • Maguire Gravimetric Feeders eliminate manual handling and mixing and reduce operation costs.
  • Save typically 30% on masterbatch costs compared to manual or volumetric dosing.

Twin Load Cells

  • Lightweight aluminum hopper mounted on 2 load cells which measure the weight of the hopper and the material ONLY.
  • Continuously monitors the loss-in-weight as material is dosed and automatically adjusts flow rate.
  • Measuring only the hopper and masterbatch allows for finer resolution load cells versus weighing complete feeder assembly and motor. This achieves maximum accuracy and control.

Accuracy of ± 0.2%

  • Automatic, continuous updates to flow rate calibration during production process.
  • Stepper motor provides high resolution control to dose masterbatch accurately to ± 0.2%.
  • Choice of dosing screws combined with software control provide industry-leading accuracy.

PRIME Calibration (patented)

  • Fast-track calibration on startup. Fully automatic and ready within seconds.
  • Primes screw and barrel with material, ready to start production.
  • Quicker startups and reduced scrap rates.

100% Injection Coloring (patent pending)

  • For critical additives, masterbatches and tints.
  • All material in injection molding machine barrel is now colored and gaps are eliminated. No scrap.
  • Ideal for fast cycling / small shot weight applications.

What Makes the MGF Unique?

1. Suited to all Extrusion & Molding Processes

Automatic calibration, easy access, vibration management built into software.

3. Installation Flanges

Choices according to type and machine installation.

5. Standard or Touchscreen Controller

Robust software with quick, simple to understand graphics to make set up quick and easy.

7. Screw, Barrel & Stepper Motor

Designed to minimize pulsating effects. Choice of screw conversion kits for molding and extrusion.

2. MGF Hopper

Powder coated, aluminium hopper. Low weight with maximum capacity for additive and masterbatch.

4. Venturi Loader System

Easy, cost effective loading of material, controlled by MGF controller.

6. Twin Load Cell Deck

Only weighs the hopper and the material present inside. Avoid cantilever effects, providing consistent readings in production.

8. Self-Priming Control

Instant calibration – MGF fully automatic and ready within seconds.

Molding Applications

Extrusion Applications

Control Modes

Available Options

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