Maguire Material Sweeper

Maguire Sweeper conveying systems reduce labor intervention and make automatic unloading as efficient as possible. This translates to fast payback.

Reduces manual intervention with smart unloading for gaylords & octobins.

  • Fully automatic and extremely efficient system
  • Reduce labor and reduce material wastage

Maguire offers a range of Sweeper build options and accessories. These range from single options and accessories to complete kit assemblies.

Combine with GHL Loader Series for complete material container unloading package.

Automatic Material Removal

  • Rotating action moves resin to a slotted pick up tube
  • Vacuumed out of container
  • No manual work required

Energy Savings

  • • Vacuum system only operates when pulling material
  • No manual start-ups or stops required
  • Jog button for manual rotation

Reduced Installation and Operation Costs

  • Connect to conveying system
  • Connects Sweeper to single phase power supply

Simple Container Placement

  • Easy to insert & remove for fast changeovers

Reduced Waste

  • Effective material removal reduces resin wastage

User-friendly Operation

  • No heavy-duty hydraulics
  • No pinch points
  • Low torque and rotation speed for safer operation
  • No guards required
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