Maguire G2 Software

Simply send and receive data to a group of blenders.

  • Know exact material usage / machine
  • Create, update and send recipes remotely
  • Full reporting by material, machine, recipe

G2 - Key Benefits

G2 allows rapid two-way communication between a PC and the controllers of Maguire Gravimetric Blenders.


  • Gain full control of your Maguire WSB Blender range.
  • Use G2 software as part of your materials management.


  • The blender measures and dispenses each material to ± 0.1% accuracy on a 1% setting.
  • The blender eliminates over-coloring and increases control over product quality and consistency.
  • G2 allows a blender user to fully document and visualize this for your process.

Materials savings

  • Raw materials typically account for up to 70% of cost.
  • WSB Blenders reduce costs by not over-coloring and maximizing on regrind usage.
  • Blenders combined with G2 allow a processor to maximize on efficiency and minimize operating costs.
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