Maguire Extrusion Control

Modular and easy to apply. The Maguire WSB & WXB Blender, LineMaster Loss-in-Weight & MGF Gravimetric Feeder can be easily combined with the Syntrol Basic Extrusion Control System. It allows to capture and analyse all production parameters on a real time basis to maximize extrusion efficiency.

Raw Materials Savings – up to 10% Extrusion control automates the control of the end product calculated average thickness. Automatic regulation of extrusion line(s) kg/hr, lb/hr and haul off to target gr/m, lb/ft, micron setpoints.

More Efficient Start-Ups & Changeovers Constant updates of kg/hr, lb/hr usage every second to each extruder, plus real time monitoring of line speed allow for precise and automatic regulation of line target output. Dynamically versus manual check and adjustments significantly simplify the operator control.

Typical Return on Investment – 3 to 6 Months Reduced product scrap & materials usage and reduced start-up time allow for clear, direct savings in materials and production time.

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