Maguire 4088 Controller

The world’s most intuitive blender controller: next generation

The Maguire 4088 controller has an option of a removable touchscreen interface with embedded conveying software to control loading of multiple materials into a blender.

Faster software execution time

We’ve increased the performance of our controller by 650%. Compared to previous control versions, our 4088 controller uses 32-Bit data rather than 16-Bit and can run at 120 MHz versus 16 MHz speed.

Much larger memory space

The 4088 controller has 8 times the memory of the previous generation controller, with 512k internal flash plus 8meg on board external flash, 96k internal Ram plus 32meg on board external RAM. The increased memory makes possible more storage for data logs and the ability to handle larger communication buffers.

Regular Maguire thumbwheel control or optional touchscreen

A keypad / digital thumbwheel interface comes as standard, or operators can choose our new touchscreen interface that is removable for remote operation. This touchscreen interface features graphical display, is available in multiple languages and comes with readily recognizable icons for every blender module and those of a loading system.

Higher load cell resolution

The 4088 controller operates at 45 times the resolution of the load cells used to weigh batch ingredients than previous control versions, providing higher resolution and faster readings.

Integrated loading control

Our 4088 touchscreen controller is integrated with FlexBus Lite; conveying software is built-in for loading multiple materials into a blender and metering the combined materials into a processing machines.

Mini central system

FlexBus Lite can control 1 vacuum pump and up to 9 receivers for materials to a blender and then feeding local machines.

FlexBus Lite

FlexBus Lite is complete with central system features such as line cleaning time, pump allocation, proportional valve control and load prioritization.

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