Kaeser Mid Size Rotary Screw Compressors

Energy-efficient rotary screw compressors from 18 to 110 kW

For us, a compressed air supply using rotary screw compressors represents the centrepiece of your production process. Our ASD, BSD, CSD and CSD(X) series ensure a dependable compressed air supply for your processes with unprecedented levels of efficiency.

These systems are perfect team players that can be integrated into existing control systems via the SIGMA AIR MANAGER 4.0. To ensure that you achieve the exact compressed air supply you require, our rotary screw compressors are available in different variants:

  • Base model
  • with refrigeration dryer for high compressed air quality: T model
  • with variable-speed drive for optimum efficiency and a broad control range: SFC model
  • with synchronous reluctance motor: Significantly greater efficiency – especially in the partial load range – than comparable asynchronous systems enables considerable energy savings.
  • Complete systems with integrated refrigeration dryer and variable-speed drive: T SFC models
Our experts will be glad to assist you in selecting the right model for your needs.

Your benefits

  • Energy savings:
    Fixed-speed systems with asynchronous motors which meet the IE4 efficiency class. Frequency-controlled rotary screw compressors are equipped with IE5 motors and meet the IES2 system efficiency class.
  • Longer service life:
    Electronic Thermo Management dynamically controls the fluid temperature on compressors from the ASD, BSD, CSD and CSD(X) series. This not only saves additional energy, but also reliably prevents condensate formation and the associated moisture damage.
  • Heat recovery:
    Our rotary screw compressors convert 100% of the electrical drive energy supplied to them into heat energy. 96% of this energy remains available for heat recovery. Use this potential to your advantage!

CSD(X) – Power converted into efficiency

CSDX rotary screw compressors from KAESER KOMPRESSOREN

The new generation of oil-injected rotary screw compressors from KAESER’s CSD(X) series now delivers performance with even greater precision and efficiency. The integrated package consisting of motor, timing gears and airend permits the most energy-efficient airend speed to be selected for each operating point. The installed Electronic Thermal Management (ETM) and newly-designed inlet valve, together with the larger inlet filter, significantly enhance rotary screw compressor efficiency. The frequency-controlled fan ensures further energy savings and a reduced CO2 footprint, since it only delivers as much cooling air as is actually required.

The six new pressure variants for the CSD(X).
Six pressure variants significantly increase flow rate and, most importantly, enable precision adjustment to your individual pressure requirements.

For even greater energy efficiency, KAESER always selects the most efficient drive possible. Fixed-speed systems are equipped with asynchronous motors, which meet the best possible efficiency class of IE4 for this type of drive. Frequency-controlled SFC systems use IE5 motors and also meet the requirements for IES2 system efficiency, thereby achieving the highest possible efficiency rating in accordance with the European standard IEC 61800-9.

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