Kaeser Flow Controller

The benefits of stable pressure

Flow controllers separate the supply side from the distribution system. Controllers create “real” storage within the receiver tank by accumulating compressed air without delivering it downstream. Total air consumption is reduced by virtually eliminating artificial demand and substantially reducing leakage. Stored compressed air is available to satisfy demand spikes without pressure drop or requiring stand-by compressors to engage.

With adequate supply air, storage, and piping, a flow controller is capable of holding demand side pressure at the setpoint

Flow controllers can be installed easily in new or existing compressed air systems.

  • Maintains stable system pressure and reduces leakage losses
  • Keeps tools and equipment operating at peak efficiency by eliminating over-pressurization
  • Saves energy by using stored compressed air instead of bringing stand-by compressors on-line for air demand spikes
Cost of Leaks

Artificial demand is operating a system at a higher pressure than necessary. Every 2 psig increase in pressure costs approximately 1% increase in power consumption. Most systems have fluctuating demand and if not properly controlled, system pressure will also fluctuate, leading to inconsistent production, higher scrap rates, and higher energy costs. To compensate, many users run more compressors than needed and at higher pressures than needed, causing higher leak rates and greater energy usage.

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