Kaeser Compressed Air Filters

Cost-effective solutions for optimal compressed air quality

Kaeser inline compressed air filters are the key components for producing compressed air to all purity classes as per ISO 8573-1—and all with exceptionally low differential pressure. Moreover, their service-friendly design not only allows simple, error-free opening and closing of the filter housing, but also enables quick and clean element changes.

  • Flow rate: 20 to 1130 cfm
  • Max. working pressure 232 psig
  • Max. operating temperature 150 °F

Your advantages

  • Standard-compliant purity:
    The KAESER FILTER range uses modern deep-pleated filter media to remove particles and aerosols. A highly effective carbon fiber mat traps oil vapors. The outstanding performance data of KAESER FILTERS were calculated according to ISO 12500 and validated by Lloyd's Register, the independent certification organization.
  • Low pressure loss – high savings:
    KAESER FILTER products feature generously sized housings and filter surfaces, innovative flow dynamics and high-performance filter media. They feature up to 50% lower pressure loss than other available filters – a value which remains virtually constant over the entire service life of the filter element. This means lower costs and CO2 emissions as well as reduced load on upstream compressors.
  • Service-friendly design – straightforward handling
    KAESER FILTER products feature a corrosion-resistant aluminum housing and a stable filter element. The practical bayonet lock ensures automatic positioning of the housing and element seals, which prevents the filter housing from being sealed unless a filter element has been inserted. A locking screw prevents unintentional opening of the housing when under pressure and also provides housing venting.

The Sigma Network

Industrial applications place special demands on communications technology, particularly in the field of machine-to-machine communication. It must be robust and locally manageable, as well as globally-compatible and also capable of transferring large data volumes quickly and securely. The system must also ensure maximum data integrity and provide the necessary real-time properties required by the process. The KAESER SIGMA NETWORK meets all these requirements and more.

Together with the SIGMA AIR MANAGER 4.0 compressed air management system, the KAESER SIGMA NETWORK creates a perfectly matched secure infrastructure for intelligent services within the advanced scope of Industrie 4.0 operating environments. If required, operating data from the compressed air station can be securely transmitted to the KAESER DATA CENTER via a broadband connection.

The combination of remote diagnostics and demand-oriented predictive maintenance ensures maximum compressed air supply availability and complete system effectiveness.

  • Prevention of unplanned and planned downtime (malfunctions / maintenance) through evaluation of operating parameters, such as load operating hours and temperatures
  • Increased energy efficiency through monitoring of key operating parameters such as airend discharge temperature, pressure dew point, differential pressures (filters), leakage rates, pressure and flow rate
  • Service costs reduced by up to 30% through optimized servicing and avoided repairs
  • Demand-optimized compressed air system control throughout the system’s entire life-cycle
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