Hot Runner Controller

The DXC-TC hot runner temperature controller works to keep a constant desired temperature by detecting the state of the hot runner system by use of an intelligent computer chip. The computer will process the internal data and then output the current value in proper proportion so as to achieve temperature control.

Hot runner controls from Hamilton Plastic Systems off er a unique blown fuse notifi cation feature. The control indicates when a fuse is blown, allowing for quick repair.

An amps feature allows the user to check on heaters to see if they are about to fail or have failed. Hamilton’s hot runner controllers also feature cards that are universally compatible with other hot runner control systems.

Hamilton Plastic Systems has control cards, mainframes and complete systems that are carried in stock for prompt repair service of your controls. The controls come with 10 foot long cables in a DME standard confi guration. Custom confi gurations and cable lengths are available. Mobile carts are an option for ease of movement from machine to machine.

• Blown fuse indication
• Detects the amps drawn from heater
• Soft start function for smooth start-ups and to dehumidify
• Mold Doctor software for troubleshooting
• Heater output short protection
• Detection of reverse and open circuit of TC
• Low/High temperature deviation alarms
• All Standard size designs: 2,5,8 and 12 zone cabinets available

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