Hamilton Vectra E Series Loaders

The Vectra series of self-powered, integral motor loaders, are ideal for the conveying of pellets and regrinds over shorter distances. Conveying ability ranges from a few hundred pounds to over 2,000 pounds per hour. Ratio models include two inlet ports with controls for ratio loading. Vectra integral motor loaders include solid state controls with an on/off switch and external load time adjustment. A no material alarm is available on all integral models, which will alarm if no material is being conveyed. All models include automatic filter cleaning. These loaders are shipped ready to use, complete with flexible conveying hose, clamps and vertical feed tube. Horizontal feed tubes for bin unloading are available as an option.

  • Designed for beside the press loading.
  • Perfect blend of performance and price.
  • Pulsed air filter cleaning.
  • Pick-up wand and 10’ of flex hose included.
  • Ratio Mixing Feature available with:
    • Dual mixing layering function.
    • Regrind percentage control.
    • Mixing frequency control
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