Hamilton Railcar Unloading

For high-rate railcar unloading, exceptionally long conveying distances and other conveying requirements which exceed the design limits of larger vacuum systems, Hamilton custom engineers vacuum/pressure and pressure type conveying systems. A bulk unloading and storage system can increase your productivity and plant efficiency while decreasing your labor, material, and energy cost. Hamilton has the capability to tailor a railcar unloading and storage system to meet your specific application.

Free flowing pellets or powders can be conveyed from single or multiple source points to any number of enduse locations, using central vacuum pressure pumps up to 100 hp, or larger.

Manual or automatic conveying line switching stations can be included. Either single or two pump, modular systems and large fi lter receivers may be supplied. These large fi lter receivers are fi lled by the vacuum side of the pump when a rotary air lock at the bottom of the receiver feeds a controlled amount of material into the moving air system delivered by the pressure side of the blower.

Hamilton will provide a turn-key system, including storage silos, in-plant blending equipment, processing machine fi lling and all auxiliary equipment as well as supervision of installation.

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