Hamilton Pre-Filters

Hamilton Vectra Pre-Filters keep your plant free of airborne dust and fines and prevent dust from fouling the vacuum pump. A central vacuum Pre-Filter allows dust filtration to take place at the floor level. An air-tight collection container makes the removal of fines quick and easy. Automatic filter cleaning is standard, lengthening the time between service requirements. VFLC and VFHC models use an integrated “vacuum valve” to remove dust from the filter, while the VFLS and the VFHS has a sophisticated sequential blowback system. The integrated dust canister releases easily for periodic emptying. Quick release clamps opens the lid for quick access to the filter cartridge. Each model comes equipped with a free standing floor frame.

  • 3600 orientation of connections
  • Automatic filter cleaning
  • 1 cuft. or 2 cuft. Dust Cans
  • Tangential inlet (efficient dust separation)
  • Optional blow-back with accumulator

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