Hamilton Meridian 4 Control

Meridian 4 is one of Hamilton’s most advanced control systems. With a system configuration of up to 96 stations, 32 vacuum pumps and 32 purge valves, and a long list of standard features, this control system can meet the most demanding applications.

First in, first out technology along with station prioritization ensures that your receivers keep up with higher demand machines without sacrificing system performance. This feature is beneficial when particular stations demand material more frequently than others. Simply, by automatically identifying which stations require priority, the controller will satisfy these stations prior to other stations.

  • Expandable up to 96 stations, 32 pumps and 32 purge valves.
  • High Definition touch-screen display.
  • Built in VNC server allows remote hosting of the HMI (requires network connection).
  • Automatic pump shutdown works in conjunction with run-valves to reduce operating costs.
  • Pump oil change and filter change alarms.
  • Station prioritization allows high output machines the time they need.
  • “No Convey” Alarm alerts of possible material line clogs or empty material bins.
  • 115/1/60 Supply Voltage with 24V DC Control Voltage Standard
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