Frigel Machine Interactive Database MiND

Digital supervision system for plant control and optimization.

Frigel has a long experience in refrigeration systems with the main scope of improving customers’ competitiveness and respecting the environment with Intelligent Process Cooling Systems. This is now even more possible thanks to MiND®, the innovative tool developed by Frigel to track and monitor Frigel equipment real time and from remote.

Industry 4.0 is the biggest target to achieve by every company, MiND® is a way to make it easy and fast with a digital advanced supervision system. MiND® is a digital solution which makes the visualization and analysis of data easy and straightforward.

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MiND® is a Frigel solution which provides the following adavantages:

  • Remote control of Frigel machines from everywhere there is an internet connection.

  • Live data recording, MiND® works as a real database for all the operating parameters of the machines.

  • Data stored locally inside MiND® PC, physically installed on-site.

  • Encrypted and safe data with specific connection and data transfer encrypted.


Efficient data consulting and intuitive interface

  • Mobile friendly: MiND® is a responsive web application, you can use it from any device such as laptop, tablet and smartphones.

  • Integrations: MiND® is an inclusive solutions, satisfying most of the industrial communication standards.

  • Report analysis: MiND® can create custom analysis, always available for consulting.

  • Web application: MiND® access is via browser, there is no need to install apps and to proceed with periodical updates.

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