Frigel Central System Control 3PR

  • Manages and monitors all Ecodry and Frigel central chiller systems 
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use 7” touchscreen HMI with Siemens CPU logic control system 
  • Constant detection of complete Ecodry, Aquagel and Frigel central chiller system components 
  • Ecodry performance, spray systems and fan speeds 
  • Aquagel pump performance and staging of process pumps (including standby pumps) 
  • Central chiller performance monitoring 
  • Allows for remote technical assistance by Frigel engineers and service personnel via Modbus RTU over an Ethernet TCP/ IP network 
  • Monitoring and recording of real time energy use of all system components 
  • MiND™ web based supervision interface available 

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Centralized control and display

  • Centralizes the operating parameters and alarms of all system components.

  • Guides the user to take preventive maintenance measures.

  • Allows real-time remote monitoring of assistance via the web.

  • Possibility to connect to a higher supervision system (MiND).


Operating parameters and alarms under control

  • Powerful PLC with serial communication with each component of the system.

  • Remote control and display of each machine.

  • Monitoring of all operating variables (temperatures, flow rates and pressures).

  • Centralized monitoring and recording of all alarms.

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