Frigel Aquagel Pump Stations GPP/GPV

Pumping systems for industrial processes

Modular pumping groups for the process up to 4 pumps.

They are preassembled and factory tested groups, designed for flexibilty and to modulate the flow of water destined for the process, both for refrigeration systems and for adiabatic cooling units. They are digitally controlled by the remote controller (3PR) which always activates the pumping capacity required by process in order to maintain the pressure in line with the set values.


Automatic pumping groups

  • Fully automatic operation.

  • Total modularity: mechanical, electrical and hydraulic.

  • High energy efficiency with optional inverter.

  • Plug & play concept for easy installation.


Pre-assembled groups up to four pumps

  • Full range: from 30 to 800 m3/hr (130 to 3,500 gpm).

  • Electrical wiring complete with protection.

  • Digital temperature and pressure sensors.

  • Discharge check and suction & discharge valves.

  • Stainless steel manifolds.

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