Frigel Air Cooled Chiller 3HL

Air-cooled industrial chillers from 300 to 1430 kW (85.3 to 406.7 tons) with Screw compressors.

High efficiency chiller units engineered for heavy-duty industrial applications. The units are equipped with world class components, including high efficiency screw compressors. The integral programmable control system assures reliable operation and temperature control under the most demanding conditions and extreme environments.

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Efficient and sustainable

  • High energy efficiency.

  • High reliability and easy maintenance.

  • Environmental sustainability.

  • EN 60204/1-compliant safety.

  • Web-monitoring interface.


Modular system

  • 8 Screw compressor models with capacities of 300 to 1430 kW (85 to 407 tons).

  • LWT Operating range from -5 to 25 °C (23 to 77 ˚F) in ambient temperatures up to 55 °C (131 ˚F).

  • High efficiency brushless DC fans available.

  • High-pressure fans available for use with exhaust ductwork.

  • Easily expandable for use with Frigel pump sets, reservoirs and filters.

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