DRI-AIR Stainless Steel Drying Hoppers

Uniform drying coupled with easy accessibility for cleaning are key to proper hopper design.

  • Standard sizes range from 5 to 2000 lbs (2 to 907 kg); based on 35 lbs/ft3*
  • Unique diffuser basket dries resin down to the slide gate and allows for drying less than full hoppers.
  • Full length site glass is standard on Models RH60 and larger.
  • Insulated side walls eliminate heat loss and conserve energy.

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System Features:

  • Exclusive basket design assures dried material down to the slide gate – no slugs of undried material
  • No tools required for hopper cover
  • Internal ring on hopper cover prevents damage to hopper loaders
  • Easy-close slide gate on RH400 thru RH2000 hoppers
  • Insulated side walls eliminate heat loss and conserve energy

Adjustable fill sensor option ties into hopper loader to accommodate varying process rates for maximum flexibility.

Note: RH5, RH15, and RH30 do not have access doors. *Larger hoppers available, consult factory.
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