DRI-AIR Portable Mini Desiccant Dryer

The Mini PD dryers are ideal for small press /extruders with the dryer and hopper on a compact, castered floor frame. Optional DAC compressed air loaders provide easy, safe changeovers liminating press mounted drying hoppers.

System Features:

  • Space saving, compact design, only 21 inches (54 cm) high and weighs only 70 lbs (32kg).
  • Fast drying with the industry’s smallest two bed dryer.
  • Processing rates up to 10 lbs/hr (5 kg/hr).
  • ADC based control with high temperature alarm.
  • Dimensions 11 x 18 x 21 inches (28 x 46 x 54 cm).

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The Mini PD portable dryer replaces press mounted drying hoppers so material changes can be made off the press/extruder. Dryers can be staged outside the molding area for preparation for the next material run, eliminating downtime on material changeovers.

Conveyance to the press:

Our DAC compressed air loader provides quiet, reliable transfer of dried materials to the press/extruder.

Arid-X 10 Dryer:

The compact dual desiccant bed Arid-X 10 dryer is ideal for low throughput/small press and extruder applications. An all electric design, no compressed air is required, just plug it in to a single phase 110 or 220 volt outlet.

Available Options:

  • Water cooled after coolers for high temperature applications (over 250F – 120C)
  • Temperature Set Back (available with ADC control option) prevents over drying of materials
Dri-Air Model Process Rate Hopper Capacity Dimensions
(lbs/hr) (kg/hr) (lbs) (kg) [l/w/h] inch [l/w/h] cm
MPD-5D 2 1 5 2 25x18x26 64x46x66
MPD-15D 5 2 15 7 25x18x33 64x46x86
MPD-30D 10 5 30 14 25x18x38 64x46x96
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