DRI-AIR Multi-Hopper Bank System

Multiple Hoppers with One Dryer

  • One dryer connects to multiple hoppers for a centralized drying system.
  • Dry different materials at each hopper as each has its own booster heater for temperature control.
  • Processors making one or two materials changes daily can justify the cost of a hopper bank in months.

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System Features:

  • Air manifold with manual shutoff valves (inlet/outlet isolate hoppers not in use or while being cleaned
  • Alphanumeric display controls up to 6 hoppers, each at a different temperature
  • Each hopper has its own run timer so you know how long its been drying
  • Temperature Setback (optional) prevents over drying by lowering drying temperature when usage slows or stops
  • Can be combined with a Dri-Air closed loop conveyance system for a mini central system


  • Eliminate downtime by giving your existing dryers pre-dried materials
  • Perfect for Research and Development applications
  • Dry colorants at the same or different temperatures.
  • Can be used as a central drying and conveying system
Hopper Bank Oven
Materials Dry Separately Yes No
No Cross Contamination Yes No
Low Dew Point Air Yes No
Low Operating Costs Yes No
Different Temperatures Yes No
Safe to Operate Yes No
Portable Yes No
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