DRI-AIR Floor Mount Dryers

No moving or rotating internal parts

  • Space-saving compact design available for process rates up to 750 lbs/hr.
  • Models are available in industry-standard 2-bed (ARID-X FM Series) and high-performance 4-bed (HP4-X FM Series)
  • Combine with a press/extruder mounted drying hopper for a complete system
  • Dryer hoses and casters are included

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  • Energy efficiency:
    • Most energy efficient dryer in the market (when compared to compressed air, rotary wheel, vacuum and other dual bed dryers)
    • Single blower design for process and regeneration air
    • On-demand regeneration; adjusts to ambient conditions, materials and process rates
    • Desiccant tower design maximizes heat transfer
    • -49ºF to -130ºF dew points; as dry air, not ambient air is used for regeneration or cool down of desiccant towers, slip stream of low dew point air is used

    System Features:

    Model 150, 200 & 300 shown with ADC control and optional water after-cooler

    Model 150, 200 & 300 shown with ADC control and optional water after-cooler

    • Can be used with Hopper Bank Series and multi-hopper systems
    • ADC Control is standard and includes:
      • -49 F dewpoint monitor
      • 7 day timer
      • Diagnostic functions
      • Dewpoint, heater, and temperature alarm

    Optional items include:

    • Water after-cooler, plasticizer trap and high temperature hose
    • Visual and audible alarms available
    • Temperature setback reduces drying temperature when material is dry to prevent overdrying
    • Dri-Touch, 7″ touch screen on HP4-X models



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