DRI-AIR Closed Loop Dri-Air Loading Systems

Convey dried material with dry air, eliminating moisture contamination associated with compressed or ambient plant air. Closed loop loaders are available with portable dryers or as stand-alone units. Eliminates press/extruder mounted drying hoppers.

  • Stainless steel construction with internal flap valve that provides a positive seal at the throat – simplifies installation on color feeders, slide gates, swing arms or existing magnet drawers.
  • Adjustable time-fill accommodates process rates up to 750 lbs./hr. Larger sizes available.

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System Features:

  • Brushless blower for quiet, reliable operation
  • Optional bag filter with blow back for dusty materials
  • Small, Dri-Shot receiver improves plant safety
  • Can be used to load drying hoppers for a complete, integrated package
  • Can be configured to load two presses/extruders

  1. Molding Machine or Extruder
  2. Flap Valve
  3. Material Receiver
  4. Vacuum Line
  5. Material Line
  6. Drying Hopper
  7. Air Diffuser Basket
  8. Take-Off Box
  9. Loader Filter
  10. Return Line
  11. Dryer Filter Element
  12. Vortex Dryer Blower
  13. Electric Air Valve
  14. Thermocouples
  15. Desiccant Beds
  16. Process/Regeneration
  17. Heaters
  18. Supply Line
  19. Vortex Loader Blower
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