DRI-AIR 4-Bed Dual Hopper Portable Dryers

1 dryer, 2 hoppers, 3 reasons why the H-PDII systems provide maximum flexibility:

  • Drying and processing from one hopper while pre-drying in the other; on-the-fly material changes eliminates downtime.
  • Co-injection and/or co-extrusion processes; run two materials at two different temperatures simultaneously.
  • Reduce valuable floor space; eliminate the need for a second dryer by positioning the portable system between two presses/extruders.

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System Features:

  • Airflow to hoppers controlled automatically
  • Smarttouch Control features:
    • Industry 4.0 ready
    • Ethernet or WIFI communication options
    • OPC/UA open platform
    • -49 F Dewpoint Monitor
    • 7 day timer
    • Buildable resin library
    • Prevent over drying with optional temperature set back
  • Prevent over-drying of materials with temperature setback feature (optional) at each hopper


  • Frequent material changes
  • 2-shot/2-color presses/extruder
  • Convey dried material to two or more presses/extruders

Increase revenues:

  • Increase your press/extruder uptime by up to 100%

Eliminate drying time:

  • No waiting for materials to dry, not 4 hours, not 40 minutes…not even 4 minutes! Zero wait time!
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