Corrugated Silos

Our silos provide an efficient method of storing bulk quantities of material including plastics, powders, and a variety of dry materials for process. Not only does bulk storage ensure that the materials needed to keep an operation running are always there, it also provides a way to buy raw material at less cost. Minimizing waste, contamination, and freeing up valuable floor space are additional advantages of our bulk storage system. The silos are constructed from an FDA approved galvanized metal which provides a maintenance free surface. The silos are sealed with FDA approved crosslinked polyethylene foam sealant to prevent water infiltration. Various capacities, methods of fill and discharge are available. Accessories and safety equipment to OSHA specifications, are available to meet customer needs. 


  • FDA Approved Galvanized Coating, Interior and Exterior 
  • 22″ Top Access Hatch 
  • FDA, HDPE, Foam Seal, Double Row 
  • Perimeter Railing and Toe Plate (10° Roof Silos) 
  • Manguard Assy, 8″ Dia. Expanded Metal Level Platform (30° Roof Silos) 
  • All Accessories are Galvanized or Aluminum 
  • Bolted Construction 
  • Corrugated Sidewalls, Smooth Wall Hopper Section and Roof Section 
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