1″ SMARTFLOW® Stainless Steel Manifolds with Low Profile Ports

Smartflow® stainless steel manifolds are formed and welded from 304 stainless steel. The manifolds are 100% leak tested for quality assurance before shipping. Stainless steel manifolds with low profile ports offer an economical alternative to our conventional port manifolds. NPT ports are formed into the tubing. British threads are not available in the low profile manifold. This option is recommended where ball valves or fittings will be permanently installed into the ports without future change.

Smartflow stainless steel manifolds are excellent for high-flow applications where chemical compatibility and corrosion-resistance are important. Manifold bodies are made from 1-1/2″ or 2″ square tube to allow maximum flow. Custom modifications are easily handled to provide the exact configuration you need.

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Features and Benefits of Stainless Steel Manifolds

  • 250°F/121°C Operating Temperature Rating for application flexibility
  • Rated for 250 psi maximum liquid pressure to suit most installations
  • Chemically compatibile stainless steel construction
  • Corrosion resistant
  • 100% Leak tested
  • Brass end plug included (NPT only)
  • Integral mounting brackets for stability
  • Many sizes stocked for quick delivery
  • Custom designs available
  • Optional ball valves, flowmeters and regulators can be installed to suit specific applications.

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Material……………………………304 Stainless Steel
Temperature Rating………….up to 250°F (121°C)
Maximum Working Pressure Ratings
Gas (air, inert gas) ……………………………..125 psi
Liquid (oil, water, benign fluids) ……………250 psi

Smartflow® stainless steel manifolds are the platform for control of cooling water lines in many types of industrial process cooling. Flowmeters, Flow Regulators, Ball Valves, Quick Disconnect Fittings and more can be added to the manifolds to improve functionality and process control.  Flowmeters and flow regulators are customarily assembled onto one side of parallel manifolds with flow direction into the return side of the manifold.


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