Serving the Plastics Industry for Over 45 Years

With experience dating back to 1964, our personnel have been involved in hundreds of different projects in plastic processing. Using this experience, plus the resources available through the manufacturers we represent, we are pleased to be able to offer “turn-key” systems including engineering and installation of new plastic processing equipment.


Davis Standard

Drawer Magnets eliminate metal contamination for injection, extrusion and blow molding equipment.

Complete storage system provider for engineering and manufacturing professionals.

Davis-Standard offers extruders so reliable that some are still operating after 50 years of service.

Dri-Air offers a proven patented 4-bed desiccant dryer design for faster drying plastic pellets.

Integrated cooling systems for injection molded, blown and/or extruded technical products.

Automatically move pellets, powders, regrinds, and granulars from shipping to storage, then to process.

H-P provides high-performance tube and pipe bends for a world of different applications.

The world’s leading manufacturers and providers of compressed air products and services.

Automatic clamping systems have reduced mold change times and increased production efficiency for plastics manufacturers.

30+ years of experience in Gravimetric Blending and Dosing, Maguire offers robust hardware with precision and accuracy.

Manufactures three unique filtration products like the Thompson Strainer, along with many custom filtration systems.
A complete line of tubing, fittings and bends for industrial vacuum systems, wet/dry material clean-up and special production applications.

Mechanical Installation of process cooling systems, cooling towers, silos, piping, and railcar unloading manifolds.

Multi-port manifolds for water, flowmeters for monitoring flow, temperature, pressure, and limit switches, slide retention, and core pulling.

Reliable, and customized products that provide consistent performance, increased production, and minimal maintenance

All-electric injection molding machines micro to mid-sized, high-speed thin-wall/packaging, high-duty, vertical, insert, and 2-shot series.

TRIA produces blade granulators, conveying and grinding system of scraps for the plastics industries.

Shredders, granulators, grinders, draining and briquette presses are steady, reliable, and economic.

YUDO leads for take-out robots and automation with full servo and side entry robots.

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